Celine de Selva grew up in Aix en Provence, south of France.


She started her professional career as a textile designer in Paris, when her curiosity and passion for photography and fashion, naturally led her to the French Elle Magazine and the International Vogue Magazine, where surrounded by the best creative teams, she decided to become a stylist. Since then, she’s been collaborating with many international publications and advertising agencies.


Celine founded with her brothers the ABEL14 studio in Paris, specialized in film, photoshoots and event production.

In 2013, she created and directed for 3 years « Curiosity Kills Ze Cat », a magazine dedicated to young talents. 

She worked on various artistic projects: Photography exhibitions, video clips, short films, fashion and dance shows…


Here are some of her experiences abroad:
2011- Quetzaltenango, Guatemala- Volonteer art teacher for street kids.
2010- Mumbai, India- Designed and produced accessories for a fashion show. 

2007- Tokyo, Japan- Fashion journalist for Jalou Publications during the Tokyo Fashion Week.
2006- Niamey, Niger- FIMA International Festival of African Fashion- Production for the fashion show
2005- Tijuana, Mexico- Fashion production for Custo Barcelona x Elle Magazine. 


Celine lives in Paris and likes to work anywhere on earth